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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

MWSF meetup and Group Photo! Amsterdam

A MacWorld meetup for anyone in Amsterdam who can't be at Macworld Expo San Francisco and who wants to meet fellow Mac geeks and talk about the keynote and what's happening at Macworld. Topics will focus on the keynote and new product announcements (Home entertainment Mac Mini? More Video content? Intel Mac Minis / iBooks / Super thin? New shuffles?) We'll also give a quick demo of www.macostones.com for anyone who wants to 'macify your mobile'!

We'll meet in the back bar (kind of underneath the stairs) at De Balie http://www.debalie.nl - it's central for most people and has good WiFi? You'll recognise us from all the mac stuff.

Well, the keynote's at 5pm (European time) so we'll be following the coverage and we can all meet from 7pm onwards (until you get bored, the last tram goes, or the venue shuts!)

So that's 7pm, Tuesday 10th January 2006, De Balie (Bar), Leidseplein.

Anyone in Amsterdam on the 10th January if you're a Mac geek, developer, user, evangelist, enthusiast, whatever! Some of us will be more geeky than others, everyone's welcome, (even if you don't own a Mac (but you might want to after this).

We love to go to Macworld, San Francisco but unfortunately we can't be there. We'll be in Amsterdam, so we thought we'd have a 'Can't be in Macworld Amsterdam meetup'. We went to Tara's Riya meetup and it was really nice to meet up with, well geeks really, to talk about social apps, blogging, browsers, and lots of other lovely stuff. We can't leave it all up to the Californians to do meetups; we want another one in Amsterdam.

We don't have a Macworld Amsterdam, we don't have Jamba Juice or Starbucks coffee. We do have lots of ace people making cool stuff using Macs who like to get together to talk about it all. Seeing as we will miss being at Macworld we thought it might be nice to have a Macworld meet up so everyone who can't be there can still get together and enjoy some festive fun.

PowerBooks, iBooks, iPods, Cameras, Newtons! whatever...

What's Macworld?

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