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Web Designer and Developer BoF at Macworld Expo

From the description: "we'll talk about the hip, the hype, and all facets of building client-side Web interaction. Whether you're a markup master or visual design expert, a user of text editors or WYSIWYG tools, this is the place for you to come with your questions and share your experiences. We'll discuss real-world horror and success stories and how to turn the former into the latter. Come join your peers and bring along your tips, tricks, techniques, and solutions."

It's inside Moscone, but as it's after-hours I think that you don't need a Macworld pass.

Update: The BOF is in room 306.

Official Website: http://www.macworldexpo.com/live/20/events/20SFO07A/conference/tracksessions//QMONYA04TY8F

Added by Dori on December 7, 2006



I'm not much of a web developer. MY site, http://dailytechtalk.com is lacks those cool features. I'd like to sit in and learn somehting.


You're definitely welcome to attend -- the more, the merrier.


AWESOME! Thanks Dori! Maybe you can go over to my party afterwards. I'm sure I'll have some quesitons for you.


Hey, I'm looking forward to this. I'm unclear on where exactly the meeting place is though. Moscone is a big place! I was just browsing around the MWSF stuff and this seemed like a fun thing to do. I don't have to be a part of any secret organization do I? Thanks :)


As soon as I know which room it's in I'll add it here, although I probably won't find out until Monday (and I'm the one leading it! ;-0 ).

Kevin Marks

Would it be OK to show up and talk about microformats?


You betcha -- c'mon by (assuming you see this in the next hour or so).