13 Magazine St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

UPDATED! Location now set!

Let's get together for coffee/lunch and socializing while following the online coverage of Steve Jobs' 2008 MacWorld Keynote.

Backstory: At Macworld 2007 I was in SF, but unable to get into the keynote. I ended up sitting in the Moscone lobby, with my laptop, following the liveblogging and irc. Others had the same idea, and a small group formed watching our laptops and talking among ourselves about the goings on. It was cool.

Let's try that again.

The folks from the Betahouse co-working gang in Central Square Cambridge have invited us to gather there.

There will be some beverages and snacks available, but you might want to bring something lunch-like, and your beverage of choice.

Of course wifi will be available, to tune in to the goings on in SF.

The plan is to gather at 11:30 EST to settle in and get setup. Keynote is scheduled to begin at 12noon Eastern.

Questions: email me at jack at da4 dot com. or twitter jackhodgson

Added by jackhodgson on January 2, 2008



We'd be happy to host this at BetaHouse, FYI.



Probably won't be able to make it, what with having been out of the office all this week at CES. I'll certainly try, though.