495 Geary Street
San Francisco, California 94102

After a week of Macworld, its time to go back home to our normal lives. Why not hang out one more time with your Macworld buddies at the Redwood Room in downtown San Francisco. There are tables reserved in the living room area with table service from a corteous staff.

Join DailyTechTalk in a 4 year tradition of closing out Macworld Expo with a goodbye party with a small group of people discussing Macworld and enjoying a last bit of networking in the city by the bay.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to sponsor this event.

Official Website: http://macworld.dailytechtalk.com

Added by adamjackson1984 on January 3, 2007



Not sure whether if you're a local or not - but if not you might not be aware that Redwood Room is probably the most expensive bar in San Francisco.

If you turn up in a group, they tend to offer you the option of bringing a few bottles of spirits to the table. Prices START at $350 + 18% service.

Maybe I'm just a cheapskate (or you're trying to attract a certain type of person) but you might find this event becomes more popular if it was at a better venue...


I understand. Redwoodroom is a traidition. I have the goodbye event there every year. Its expensive I know but I only come once a year and this event is 4 years running.