1200 D North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, California 90026

Mach Infinity - Holly Vesecky
March 11th - 15th
Opening Saturday March 11th 8-10pm

Mach Infinity is a geodesic dome containing a floral planetarium which depicts the 16th of Charles Messier's non-comet "fuzzy" objects, the Eagle Nebula.

Flowers will be used to line the interior walls of a geodesic dome in gaseous patterns with a webbed network of petals and flower heads. The plants used will include scabiosa, hydrangea, roses and their petals, the centers of sunflowers, vanda orchid heads, peonies, chocolate cosmos, black callas, echineacia, and other seasonal flowers.

The Eagle Nebula is a star-forming cloud of interstellar dust and gas 7,000 light years from Earth, Parts of the nebula resemble an array of towering columns, fumes of hydrogen gas spanning light years, filled with stars boiling into existence through photoevaporation.


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