820 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, Massachusetts

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! We've picked the date, and found a really cool location: MacCampBoston #1 will be held on Saturday May 10, 2008 at "The Theatre at the Y", on Mass Ave, near Central Sq. Cambridge.


MacCampBoston is a barcamp/podcamp style un-conference to wallow in everything Macintosh. Mac OS X and the devices that run it. Inspired by the SF MacCamp held in Jan 2008. Like the Mac and all its fans, this classic theatre is loaded with character, and is the ideal location for new and old Mac fans to get together and share their passion and their knowledge. Check the MacCampBoston page for registration and schedule details.


Official Website: http://barcamp.org/MacCampBoston

Added by jackhodgson on January 8, 2008



As the MacCamp instigator, and one who grew up near Cambridge, I wholeheartedly endorse this concept. With a modicum of organization and preparation, and without people being exhausted from 4 days of Macworld Expo, I think you can get even more people involved. Consider it a modern-day User Group meeting. I'm kibitzing with Jack to advise on our experience.


Oh no, this is the same weekend as ROFLCon now (http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/306182/)! :(


Same weekend as ROFLCon as well as the Boston Independent Film Festival!


ROFLcon is april 25-26th.


Ah, date changed again. Thanks for pushing it back a week!


MacCampBoston will be at the Cambridge YMCA on Sat. May 10th. For further details and to register,go to http://maccampboston.pbwiki.com .