235 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94105

(updated to reflect Saturday hours; please update your RSVP so we have a better headcount. Saturday we start at 9 AM with welcome and then by 9:30 we'll be doing the schedule grid so don't delay! R)

As Macworld Expo/SF ends, let us continue the conversation! A MacCamp-style unconference using Open Space format, where every participant is also a presenter and co-organizer, collaborating to share and support one another.

Note that the event is NO a campout-style all-night hackathon... there will be a Friday evening component with introductions and some plenary presentations/community conversations/brainstorming, and then Saturday all day will be Open Space style user workshops and presentations.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/MacCamp

Added by raines on September 4, 2007



Thanks for the mention Raines. I might stay. I can't say for sure yet.


someone make sure woz makes it....


Good concept, @chrisheuer. We're on it (been to his house and have some contacts that should reach him)


This is a great idea, Raines!


Holy crap, a MacCamp? I'm so there.

Deb Shadovitz

I'm in town through Saturday so I can do this.


Hi Raines... care to send me some info for the Hess Macworld Events List?

I will be in town through Monday.


What sorta time are the festivities on the Friday night likely to end? Perhaps hit the photowalking after we're shown the door at CNET?


Hi Raines,
This sounds great. See you there!


Whoa, it goes from 6PM - 6PM


We're starting to reconvene and welcome folks anytime today (Sat.) AM to join us.


So people.. where the hell were you? There was like 3 people who showed up. (excluding the organizer) and it got cancelled. This could have been a very cool event.. Unfortunately 72 of you committed to going, but you *all* bailed out.. *sigh*.. you're soo lame.