563 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

The TWiT Network’s popular MacBreak Weekly podcast comes to 21st Amendment on 2nd St. on the evening of Steve’s keynote for this live MacWorld Expo event, and you’re invited. Join Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Scott Bourne, and Merlin Mann for a roundup of the latest MacWorld news and show announcements.

Update 2007-01-04: We moved to 21st Amendment.

Official Website: http://www.twit.tv/mbw

Added by merlinmann on December 30, 2006



I'm confused now. First I thought the thing at the Apple Store was going to be on this night, then I was told it was going to be on the 11th, now I'm seeing both events here. What's the difference?


The Apple Store website says on the schedule, it will be on January 9th.


Note that we got moved to 21st Amendment for the taping.

Still really close by and easy to get to. Sorry for the change.


The move to 21st Am is good news; I think we'll all have more fun doing the taping there.


Hoping to see Mr. Bourne present Mr. Mann, Mr. Lindsay, and Mr. Leporte with their brand spankin' new iPod mobiles (since we can't call it the iPhone).


Who needs a phone. Wifi at the 21A is free and open to use anytime.


I hope the place isn't 21 and over. I'm 15, obviously I won't drink anything besides soda. I'm psyched and ready to go!


It's all ages. And no cover!


Wish there was an option for "tentative attend." I'll only be at MacWorld for a day (riding home with a friend Tuesday evening). So whether I attend or not all depends on whether or not I can persuade my friend to leave late and drive at night.


Keep in mind that this RSVP list doesn't "make you special" at the door. Think instead "head count keeper tracker of" list.

Fast Eddie

This venue was utterly CRAPtastic. I stood on the stairs and left after 45 minutes of hearing nothing and becoming far too intimate with the people standing literally in my ass. :(