101 4th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Mac Efficiency (Deborah Shadovitz) and the Maccast (Adam Christianson) invite you to the first ever Mac Mingle. Sponsored by RadTech, TeachMac, iProng, Now Software, and MacSpeech, the Mac Mingle is a party open to all Macworld Expo attendees wearing a Macworld badge. This is a great opportunity for attendees to relax, unwind after a few days at the show, and mingle with many top Mac luminaries. Of course, Adam and Deb will be there, but you can expect to see others like Ken Ray (Mac OS Ken), Peter Cohen (Macworld Editor & Columnist), Derrick Story (O'Reilly), and many others mixing it up with the crowd. The party offers a casual setting and is the perfect chance to share and discover the Expo's greatest finds so you can check them out Friday. We'll have a no-host bar and, thanks to our generous sponsors, light hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the evening as long as they last. Jillian's full menu will also be available with items for purchase in case you're really hungry. This is sure to be one Macworld event you won't want to miss.

Official Website: http://www.maccast.com/meet/

Added by maccast on December 30, 2006



Thanks for hosting this. On a personal note, this is exactly what I wanted to do with my party at SWIG ( http://upcoming.org/event/116848/ ). I was unable to secure the sponsors that you guys had for the event mainly due to my lack of experience with this sorta thing. So I just decided to pay for the entire thing myself. I can already say that MWSF08 I'm going to rock the house.

For now, there's my party and there's yours and I will be attending both of them.

I have a writer coming with me from http://dailytechtalk.com and he's 20, can he attend the party at Jillian's. I went there for the iSkin party at MWSF06 and it was a 21 and up establishment. can you please note on here what ages are allowed.