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San Francisco, California

February 13 2009

m2 Presents Sammy Dee + Marc Schneider All Vinyl Underground Event

In an intimate underground venue Sammy Dee makes his return to our fair city. This will also be the SF debut of Marc Schneider, in addition - local favorites Nikola Baytala and Clint Stewart will round out the evening. $20 Ticket /Venue info w/ RSVP to [email protected] . Don't miss this rare all vinyl evening of music that will be sure to inspire the very least have you dancing till it hurts! 10p-6a

Sammy Dee (Perlon, Hello?Repeat, Pokerflat, Kanzleramt)

With an electronic music career spanning nearly two decades, Sammy Dee has built and solidified a reputation for himself as an innovator of eclectic, off kilter sounds. Sammy began to DJ in the late eighties, and hosted residencies at such clubs as Tresor and Ostgut in his hometown of Berlin in the early nineties. A particular night, which made Ostgut's Panorama bar famous, and which still continues to a packed house is "...get perlonized." Arguably, one of the most consistently successful club nights in Europe. Originally organized together with Pantytec production partner and Perlon label co-founder Zip, the duo continues to put together a showcase of unique music, that has now reached an international audience. Complementing Zip, Sammy's unique blend of stripped down house and techno sets have always proved to be part of the foundation of the night. When Sammy is on the decks there is no doubt that he is recognized as one of the key veterans of electronic music. Aside from his impeccable DJ sets, Sammy Dee is also well known for his successful co-productions. In 1997, having already worked with the likes of Heiko Laux, Sammy's ears were well tuned when he met Zip at the Peak Club in Offenbach. In 1998 Pantytec was formed. The whimsical power collaboration between Sammy and Zip, brought the first release of the still highly acclaimed ep, "Into the Duster," which pushed the two innovators into the then avant-garde minimal spotlight. The 2003 release of the distinguished full-length album "Pony Slaystation" solidified the duo's reputation as one of Perlon's flagship projects. Shortly after Pantytec was formed, Sammy got together with good friend Guido Schneider in 1999 for some studio time. They produced several tracks, but it was not until 2005 that the hit "Styleways," popped onto the charts. The next year formed another imaginative co-production with new Berlin import Bruno Pronsato. The sound of Half Hawaii was introduced to the public with the early 2007 release of "Into You/Out of You" on Perlon and "mir ni hts/dir nichts" on Hello? Repeat! in summer 2007. Early 2008 he released his solo debut “purplehummerultrastretch“ on Perlon.

Marc Schneider (Berlin, Was Not Was, Word and Sound)
Like so many other figureheads in the house and techno scene hamburg’s influential DJ and producer Marc Schneider got his first taste for dance music via Hip Hop and golden generation artists like Public Enemy, Schooly D or Boogie Down Productions before visits to the legendary, groundbreaking club Front and other influential venues like Opera House and Unit introduced him to house and techno in 91. He instantly caught the bug for electronic music, absorbed it’s sounds and lifestyle and made it his own, which led to his debut as a DJ only one year later. Blessed with a rare talent he secured gigs in hotspots all over Germany almost immediately, was spinning on a global scale as soon as 1994 and held it down at big events like the Love Parade from there on. Yet he never steared away from the original grassroots approach of the movement and helped organize trend-settings events like “link”, “pure energy”, “cubic club” and later the inventive “planeten und blumen” club as well as keeping regular residencies at he famous “golden pudel club” and the “click”.

He also helped others DJs and fans getting the platters that matter by joining container distribution ( probably the first company bringing house wax to germany ) in 1996. Later he split from Container and founded with others the “word and sound” distribution company where he is still shaping the taste of a nation as main buyer and sales manager. As if all this wasn’t enough this jack of all trades also has a few 12” releases and remixes under his belt.

Never having missed any major development or pivotal release in quality dance music, Marc can flex his DJ-muscles in so many different ways and sensibly guide the crowd through a tasteful and kicking mixture of all things house and techno.

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