216 union street
Seattle, Washington 98101

Genre: Modern Afro-Portugese

Related Artists: Cesaria Evora, Amalia Rodrigues

Latest CD: "Di Korpu Ku Alma" (Escondida)

"Lura was dynamite: with a voice that modulated from a dreamy whisper to a ferocious shout...."-- The Independent (London)

Lura deploys her sweet and salty voice to a Portugese/West African sound that is quite different from that of her Cape Verdean countrywoman, Cesaria Evora. Evora's style is that of the lilting morna of her home island, Sao Vicente. Lura's music is rooted in Santiago, the most African of the ten islands that comprise the Cape Verdean archipelago. The indigenous bataku rhythm of Santiago is more insistent and varied than the mellower morna.

Updated and spiced up with contrasting dashes of urban pop and flamenco-tinged fado, Lura's Afropean fusion really comes alive on stage. Her dance and theater background and vibrant personality bring it all together in performance. Join us for some island warmth to chase away the January chill.

For more information, visit http://www.caboverde.com/music-lura-e.htm