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Via Pitchfork:

"Vladislav Delay is all beats. The prolific Finnish producer (who also goes by the names Sistol, Conoco, Uusitalo and, most famously, Luomo) started off as a jazz percussionist before exchanging his kits for electronic gear. Once inside the world of machine music, he dove into the depths of the Chain Reaction school of ambient "heroin house", before swimming towards minimal, glitchy clicks + cuts.

Alghough known for moodier soundscapes under the Delay name, he gained far more recognition with the robust vocal house stylings of Luomo (particularly on the recently reissued classic Vocalcity album). "Delay and Luomo are like night and day," he says, but the two aliases will play tag team starting next week, when the man sets out on a short globetrotting tour. It begins next Wednesday in Los Angeles, with a Scandinavian blowout show also featuring Swedish glitch god Andreas Tilliander. Dates:

11-02 Los Angeles, CA - The Fold in King King (as Luomo) *
11-04 Detroit, MI - Oslo (as Luomo)
11-05 New York, NY - Rothko (as Luomo)
11-06 Boston, MA - Enormous Room (as Luomo)
11-07 New York, NY - Rothko (as Vladislav Delay)
11-09 Bogota, Colombia - TBA (as Vladislav Delay)
11-11 Medellin, Colombia - TBA (as Luomo)
11-12 Cali, Colombia - TBA (as Luomo)
11-13 Bogota, Colombia - TBA (as Luomo)
11-25 Dijon, France - TBA (as Vladislav Delay)
12-09 Barcelona, Spain - TBA (as Luomo)

* with Andreas Tilliander, Eliot Lipp, Rafael Irisarri"

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From UnlockedGroove:

This is going to be HUGE. You might know him for his
funky tech-house as Luomo, or his smoked out dub-tech
as Vladeslav Delay. Either way, this guy has amassed
an incredible discography making him one of the
biggest stars in electronic music today. His track
"Tessio" off the classic album Vocalcity (just
reissued on his own label Huume) is an all time
Unlockedgroove favorite. Luomo's stuff is deep,
ass-moving, and sexy. The way house music is supposed
to be! Our own Todd Gys opens up. Be there.

The Enormous Room
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