601 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1G1

Dana is visiting Vancouver, and would like to have lunch with YOU!

Who are you? Someone in technology or marketing that has tales to tell of cool things you are doing here in Vancouver

Who is Dana? A cool Canadian ex-pat whose current day job is at Fixya. Ask her about the last time she worked in Vancouver and the dead body they found in the walls of the building.

Just a casual lunch, so everybody will be picking up their own tab.

UPDATE: Moved to Transcontinental

Added by bmann on November 14, 2008



Wow! Thanks guys! I'm thinking Canadian-style Team Cyprus?


I thought the dead body was in Victoria?


yay Dana's coming to town! :) haven't seen her since school!


I've known you for how long, and I've never heard about a dead body...