2821 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, California 95054

Yahoo! will host Lunch 2.0 in February. Same deal, free sandwiches, time to catch up with friends, and a few announcements to kick off discussions. Folks from MyBlogLog, Publisher Network, and the recently released Pipes product will be on hand to chat about their latest projects.

Location: Yahoo! Mission College campus, Building 1, Training Rooms 3 & 4
Address: 2821 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA
Date: Wednesday, February 21st, 2007. 12:00PM - 1:30PM
The RSVP list is maxed out. Thanks everyone and see you there!

Cody Simms- Yahoo Publisher Network
Scott Rafer - MyBlogLog
Pasha Sadri - Yahoo Pipes

Official Website: http://www.lunch20.com

Added by iankennedy on February 7, 2007



I'm all about the free sandwiches.


@ Zander: and the pipes!


Wow -- packed lunch. Wish there was a little extra room...


Hmm...attendance is full, I'm not on the list and I'm supposed to be presenting. I wonder if they'll let me in. ;)


Since attendance is full, does that mean this is now officially a party-crashing opportunity?


We have a night version on Feb 28 Wed 6:00pm at another Yahoo campus, Building C at Sunnyvale.

The add-on is you will see the internet version of Star Wars in live action.

Come if you can't get into this lunch list. You are invited to the night version.


Sign up here http://browserwarii.eventbrite.com


Somehow the number dropped down to 79 just briefly and I was able to snipe that last invite. Guess I better show up now. :)

Makes me wonder, has someone written a "sniping" program for limited attendance upcoming.org events yet? (ala eBay bid sniping etc.)