701 Sw 6th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204

All Aboard! We're going to par-tay all the way down to the OTBC for Lunch 2.0.

Here's the scoop: Meet up at Pioneer Square MAX stop and catch the Blue Line MAX at 11:27. It will arrive just a few feet from the OTBC at 11:50. We'll all be in the rear MAX car cuz that's how we roll.

Don't forget to RSVP for Lunch 2.0 http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1148458/

Chuga Chuga Choo! Choo!

Added by tiesque on November 16, 2008



Is it possible to request that Marshall and not Todd show up? ;)

Gary Pool

Great to be back in Portland. What a better way to celebrate than Lunch 2.0!


To clarify: sometimes Todd comes disguised as Marshall. I'd like just the real Marshall this time. Thanks.


i'm not todd, but can i come dressed as a u.s. marshall? a field marshall? in any case, i'll try and make it.


Toot toot! Getting on the train at Skidmore Fountain -- will see you guys at the Pdx living room!