4th Floor, 625 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

** FULL ** Wow, we're totally full, less than 24hrs after listing the event on Upcoming! Sadly we're not accepting any more invites... unless someone drops out - so do check back regularly!


Come enjoy Lunch 2.0 on MySpace at our San Francisco office near South Park, and get to know us!

We'll provide the food and drink, you provide yourselves - should be a good time!

Meet people from the many teams that work out of the local office, including:
- MySpace Developer Platform
- MySpace Photos
- MySpace Data Availability & OpenSocial
- & other seekrit projects we can't yet talk about!

Due to space restrictions, we're capped at 150 people, so please RSVP to this Upcoming page. Feel free to bring your friends, but please have them RSVP too.

(PS: If your plans change and you can't make it, please come back and change your status so we can offer your invite to someone else. Thanks!)

Official Website: http://developer.myspace.com/Community/blogs/devteam/archive/2008/07/21/lunch-2-0-myspace-san-francisco-thur-august-14th.aspx

Added by dotben on July 21, 2008



Should be good.


Ah.. Hem... The MySpace Online Marketing Team also works out of the San Francisco Office ;)


Sadly I'll be in Europe then, but great job MySpace for hosting a lunch 2.0, I'm sure it will rock!


Wow, we're totally full - after less than 24hrs!

If you would still like to come, add yourself to the "I'm interested" status, and check back regularly to see if anyone has dropped out. We'll be reminding people to remove themselves from the invite list if they are unable to attend, and so there may be some places that come available.

We'll also hold more events soon @ MySpace SF!


Who cares about fire codes?


Looking forward to it.


exclusive, full events are all the rage - nobody books an event that's empty - only full events


no space at myspace ;)


oh man!


Damn, really wanted to go to this! If space opens up, please let us know!

robyn tippins


DANG, Dang, dang.

Too slow.....


Good job Ben. Tood bad I'm in France in august. Have fun at the event, and see you in september.


Changing my status from 'I'm going' to 'I'm interested' to make room for someone else. I can't make it due to other scheduled things that day!


i will get there early, then slip between the cracks!


Hey everyone... just a quick reminder that it's Lunch2.0 @ MySpace on Thursday.

Don't forget space is limited, so if you now can't make it, please make sure you remove yourself from the "I'm Going" setting so that someone else can come.

Also, don't forget your Upcoming username, as you'll need that to be checked off the list at the door

(yes, sadly we will be running the guest list at the door, so apologies if you were not able to make it onto the list time around)

Looking forward to seeing you there!


I work right at south park! Ill be in the area for sure!


I didn't even see the announcement for this until it was too late.

Ah well, guess I'll sit here at Twitter and have lunch with the team ;)

Interested 437