530 Bush Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, California 94108

Come and meet the amazing e-Storm, other agencies, and other companies involved in the latest online marketing, search marketing and social media marketing.
e-Storm will be launching a few new products on that day:
1) a new monetization service - how to sell ads, more ads, monetize on your content, users, partnerships – e-Storm has helped more than 100 clients buying ads, partner with content sites
2) a new wiki series – what is……?

Special guest, Pleo, and some of the folks behind it at UGOBE.

Japanese food and beer will be served.

Official Website: http://www.e-storm.com/blog/2008/01/lunch-20-at-e-storm/

Added by tychay on January 8, 2008


Daniel Riveong

Hey Everyone,

There's a Facebook RSVP as well, if that's more your style:


@djpr: which would you prefer? i can rsvp both places...also, if there is beer, there is a low likelihood of returning to a productive work day. but this will be offset by meeting loads of new people, right?

Daniel Riveong

@Urban_Mermaid: Dont worry about where you RSVP, we're counting both lists pretty closely and can figure it out.

As with afternoon beer, you're exactly right. Meeting new people is already very productive activity, so it more than offsets.