Pacific First Center Building 851 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

WebTrends wants to have you over for lunch to chew the fat and show you their new product, Analytics 10.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Please leave a comment so we can plan food accordingly. Thanks.

Wondering what Lunch 2.0 is?

Lunch 2.0 is a phenomenon that began in Silicon Valley. You can read about their current events and the history behind Lunch 2.0 at

We imported the concept to Portland in 2007, and you can follow all things Portland Lunch 2.0 at the Silicon Florist.

Official Website:

Added by Jake Kuramoto on April 9, 2011



Awesome and exciting!

Vegetarian/gluten-free please!

Anna Chappman

Vegan Please!


Veggie please

Rebecca Rapple

Vegetarian please!

Alex Young 79

Veggie please!


Looking forward to it! +1 vegetarian please. :)

Dan Revel

Vegetarian, please.


+1 vegan, thanks!


Veg as well please.


veggie choice would be nice, please.

S W Conser

Another vote for veggie.


Beef. Lots of beef ;-)