1981 Landings Drive, Bldg. K
Mountain View, California 94043

Swing by the home-office on Dec. 4th to find out what we've been been working on for the next versions of Firefox. You'll get a chance to meet with Mozilla Engineers, sample some of Mountain View's finest pizza, and listen to our VPE discuss the future of Mozilla (Mobile, Off-Line Apps, Places).

Alternate View: (We're the square blue building furthest south)

Official Website: http://www.lunch20.com/

Added by bret.reckard on November 30, 2007



Anyone driving from San Francisco?


I'm there.


Same question: anyone driving from San Francisco? Somewhere near Little Italy? What time? If not, I'll just try public transport, though I will probably be a bit late.


E.g. take the 10:37 Caltrain from San Francisco to San Antonio Shopping Centre (11:30). Then either walk or wait for bus 40 at 12:00. I guess...


I do have a car and will probably heading down from san fran, if anybody needs a ride let me know. Not sure yet, right now I am in Mountain View. send me a text at 415 202 4489

Gene Leybzon

"Attendance full"... Do you still have room for one (or two) more?


From Mozilla:

Hi all, thank you for all of the help. I'm not sure if the rain will keep people away, but I was informed the Facebook event topped 145 folks. I figured we'd be over and ordered pizza for 165 people. Folks are welcome to come even if they didn't RSVP, I just can't guarantee we'll have food for them all :(


I'm heading over.