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Have you ever tried to find a computer without something Adobe installed (Flash, Reader, Photoshop, and so on)? It's not so easy. Here's your chance to get the inside look at how Adobe encourages Rich Internet Application innovation and check out some of the companies developing on the Adobe platform. Take a look at AIR, the new way to use web technologies (Ajax/Flash/Flex) to develop desktop applications.

Submit anything cool you've built using any part of the Adobe environment (Flash, Flex, AIR) and you may just get featured during the event. The best Ajax application deployed on AIR wins a prize. Adobe's not saying what it is, but it's going to be good. Email your submission to [email protected] by 11:59pm on 9/11/2007 to be considered. (The best way to submit contest entries is a link to your application. *.air attachments have been having trouble getting through.)

Adobe Labs (http://labs.adobe.com)
Adobe Developer Center (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/)

Official Website: http://www.lunch20.com

Added by John Shapiro on August 30, 2007



Where do we submit apps we built?


Sweet....great way to start up the evening. I know I can make it from the Adobe to the SilverlightDevCamp within an hour. SLDC starts at 7pm. Puuuuurrfect. Though may head might explode from all the RIA goodness.


@alexn: according to the email I just got

"Email your submission to [email protected] by 11:50pm on /12/2007 to be considered (email address opens 9/7/2007)."

I assume that means until the 12th of Sept.

John Shapiro

@alexn: John here with Adobe

We'll be sending out finalized submission details next week. In the meantime, keep polishing those apps!

John Shapiro

The submission details have been posted above. The [email protected] email address is now open for submission.


Sh—t. Dang conferences. :-(


Hoping to make it, will be great to make something after work in the city.

Justin Webb

I'll be there.

John Shapiro

The best way to submit contest entries is a link to your application. *.air attachments have been having trouble getting through.




Let me know how this and the Silverlight thing go (I'll be in Atlanta).


Is there bike parking?

John Shapiro

Yes, there will be bike parking.

John Shapiro

The guestlist has been closed. If you'd still like to attend, please email [email protected] and we'll do out best to accomodate.

Looking forward to having everyone tomorrow!

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