425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

WHAT: Please join us for the second monthly Luna Philosophie. This month's discussion will focus on:

* the concept of Spaceship Earth and a systems approach to environmental research on Earth and Space
* how Space research and technologies address environmental and sustainability issues on the Earth, including their potential application to the entrepreneurial CleanTech community in the Bay Area
* how NASA as a Federal agency might reduce or eliminate its carbon footprint

John Hogan, a leading environmental scientist from NASA Ames Research Center, will kick off the discussion with a presentation of his work.

6:30-7:00: Food, drinks, networking
7:00-8:00: John Hogan Presentation
8:00-10:00: Discussion

WHO: All are welcome, from space professionals to those who are unsure what N-A-S-A stands for!

PLEASE BRING: Ideas, passion, and food and drink to share.

RSVP: Please (above)

FULL EVENT DETAILS: http://colab.arc.nasa.gov/node/46

About Luna Philosophie and NASA CoLab:
Riffing off of the centuries old conversational "salon" tradition, Luna Philosophie is a time for discussing humanity's evolution into space! is An initiative of NASA CoLab, a new program aiming to increase public participation in the nation's space program, Luna Philosophie occurs on (or close to) every Full Moon, in San Francisco, as part of CoLab's efforts to bring NASA and space to the dynamic creative communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Each Luna Philosophie meeting has have a different theme, and involves a presentation and open discussion for philosophizing. Anyone who is interested in an open, creative dialogue on human, space related topics is encouraged to attend!

For more information on NASA CoLab, visit:
http://colab.arc.nasa.gov or contact [email protected]

For more information on Luna Philosophie, visit: http://colab.arc.nasa.gov/luna or contact [email protected]

Official Website: http://colab.arc.nasa.gov/luna

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