2255 McKinnon St.
San Francisco, California 94124

What do you get when you mix a slew of fantastic photo
opportunities with a lot of dilapidated convertible
seating, a taco truck and a keg of the finest
working-class beer money can buy? Why, the LuckyOliver
'We're Turning One' birthday party, of course!

Join us on Thursday, July 12 from five to ten at the
uber-cool and ultra-photogenic Ace Auto Dismantling,
located at 2255 McKinnon Street in lovely San Francisco,
California. (You can get directions and other info on
the site by visiting their web site at www.aceautosf.com
We'll provide some great props, the grub/beverages (and
yes this includes adult beverages, you lushes!) and even a
little bit of off-the-wall entertainment (when's the last
time you were serenaded by a mariachi band in the middle
of a junk yard?)

All you need to bring is yourself, your desire to
celebrate and a sober way back home. Oh, and leave your
Jimmy Choos and your lovely linen dresses in your
closet--it's a junk yard, folks.

Can you join us? If so, do us the favor RSVP at
http://www.luckyoliver.com/birthday and let us know.
That way, we don't buy too little food or too much beer.
Although the latter would be much less of an issue than
the former.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, July 12 down
at Ace Auto, Olivers--see you there!

Official Website: http://www.luckyoliver.com/birthday

Added by HunterB on June 25, 2007



Please RSVP at www.luckyoliver.com/birthday

We have over 75 folks coming so far......


I can't wait for the DJ action. I'm bringing all my JJ Fad 45s as well as my autographed copy of 'Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em!'


over 110 have rsvp'd at www.luckyoliver.com/birthday


Sorry guys, I'm back in Sydney till July 20th.

Beer then?


You bet Mick! Our office or yours?


The head count is up to 200


Things are in motion over here at the LuckyO headquarters. We're ready to get down on some beer and tacos with the 280 folks who've already rsvp'd. Hot stuff!

Pointy clicky: http://www.luckyoliver.com/birthday


Extra thanks to Christian and the SFBeta hooligans for the love. We hope to see you all there. Positive RSVPs have topped 320. I hope we have enough tacos... Beer tho. Well, we can always get more of that :)


I got the special guest invite for the Taco Eating Contest. They call me the KOBI-YASHI of tacos....no joke ask your boy Hunter Taco Head Block...he will say that not one person at your taco party can take down tacos like Mike KobiYahsi Pudge Juco. Thanks for the invite, CARNITAS anyone?


Hey Aiden...remember that track by the Fat Boys called "Crushin"? I only thought of that because 393 people have rsvp'd. And that, my friend, is stone cold crushin'!

Do you take requests?


I do take requests, but I only play Retro-Post-Emo-Industrial-Thrashabilly-Tech-Jungle and derivitives there of. You better be into Grawnotingly and DeamonDeamonDeamon or you're gonna hate my tracks.

Oh, and I'll play anything by Cheap Trick or Stevie Nix too.


We've passed, like, 420 attendees...man :)


Wh... what was that? I was just celebratin' our RSVP count ya know.

I'm hungry. Let's get some In 'n Out.

Man do those Cheap Trick records sound good!


Ok, we're at 500 RSVP's. If you guys really eat all those tacos, we might have the truck doing round trips to the store! Kobi-Yashi might really gives us some problems.


Congratulation, Bryan! See you tonight
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Wow! That was insane! :)

Thanks to everyone who showed up. We'll be putting up photos from the event soon so that everyone can see the craziness :)