10745 Dickson Plaza
Los Angeles, California 90046

Poetry Said, Poetry Sung

In an exciting evening of poetry and music, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams will perform with her father, acclaimed poet Miller Williams. A 1996 inaugural U.S. Poet Laureate, Miller passed on his love for literature, Hank Williams, folk music and the Delta blues to his daughter. His work, much like his daughter’s, leans toward spare but deeply emotional and down-to-earth images. "One of the sharpest, most uncompromising singer-songwriters of any gender" [Rolling Stone], Lucinda has channeled the rules of poetry into her idiosyncratic music, producing eight critically acclaimed albums over the last 25 years. Her evocative songwriting is perhaps most apparent on her 1998 masterpiece, Car Wheels on Gravel Road, an intensely personal travelogue of the heart, crammed with juke joints, ex-lovers and endless gravel roads.

Added by la-underground on August 24, 2006