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"ITV has had an annus horribilis. Or two or three. Advertising revenue down, audiences down and some say programme quality down too. Is the direction of travel for Europe's biggest commercial broadcaster eternally down? Can the ITV team be saved for TV's Premier League by the signing of new ├╝ber-manager Michael Grade who takes over the ailing company in January 2007?

In 'Postcards to Michael', a panel of seasoned media professionals offer advice to the new ITV Executive Chair."

Chair: Professor Steven Barnett, Professor of Media and Communications, University of Westminster

Professor John Ellis, Royal Holloway, University of London; former Vice-chair, PACT; principal researcher 'Did ITV Revolutionise British TV?'
Ray Fitzwalter, Editor ITV World in Action' 1976-1987. Editor, Current Affairs, Granada 1987-1993. Author of forthcoming book on ITV.
Roger Laughton, CEO, ITV Meridian Broadcasting 1991-1996, United Broadcast and Entertainment (Meridian, Anglia, HTV) 1996-1999.

(More speakers to be announced soon.)

Producers: John Mair and Richard Peel

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