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The degree of your success depends in a big way on the following 3 important factors:

How long you have held the card
The outstanding balance as against the credit limit
No record of late payments

If you fulfill these criteria, then you have bright chances of obtaining a lower APR. But don’t be discouraged if you fail.

Study all the available options so as to design the best strategy for guarding your credit. The best consumers are the ones who are aware of their credit, and the terms, policies, and conditions of companies offering credit to them.

So all you have to do is just pick up the phone and call your credit company.

Besides it is quite simpler than previously thought. Don’t be frightened, simply call your bank or credit card provider and inform them that you think your APR is very high and you want it reduced. Tell them that if they don’t reduce the rate, you would switch the company. Call them right away and begin saving immediately.

Official Website: http://www.askaquery.com/question/Lower-your-APR-in-5-minutes.html

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