150 Attorney St.
New York City, New York

From the Sin-E website:

1:00 Low Down Dirty Dawgs
12:00 Velcro Lewis and his 100 Proof Band
11:00 Flaming Fire
10:00 The Act
9:00 Spicy Rizzaks

"It's like experiencing your purest visions of heaven and hell while attending Sunday school wasted on glue...Like a lost synth-prog opera, a forgotten cosmology laced in rock and roll, this extremely theatrical second album from Brooklyn's Flaming Fire very nearly defies description, let alone those facile "sounds like X crossed with Y" comparisons. Songs from the Shining Temple is like watching Billy Graham with the sound off, Black Sabbath blasting in the background.? - Jennifer Kelly, Splendid

"The Rizzaks race through their punk tunes faster than a Mexican meal left out for a few days runs through you and it would probably help to down a handful of speed just to keep up with them. American punk the way the Dead Boys, The Damned and the Ramones played it way back when." - The Village Voice

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