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A workshop for people who want to transform their attitude toward the recession by focusing on their own potential -- in practical ways. To register, go to http://www.stevemotenko.com/LovingTheRecession-workshop.html

Readers of my article "Loving the Recession" -- the top-featured Biznik article a few weeks ago -- called it “inspiring,” “powerful,” “wonderfully focused” and “compelling” ... and a “creative approach to facing the challenges of the times.” (To see if you agree, go to http://biznik.com/articles/loving-the-recession)

But ideas are just ideas until you put them into practice. So I'm following up with a two-hour workshop to help folks apply these ideas -- the principles and practices that successful people use to turn lemons into lemonade. (I'm a certified life coach; I'm offering this workshop as a gift. The $10 is to cover expenses, not to get rich.)

What is the recession doing to you? Is it controlling you, or are you controlling your own experience? If you find yourself in despair or depression, how is that working for you? And is it even possible to choose a different way of thinking that leads you into the light of hope and onto the path of success?

This highly interactive workshop will lift you into a stance of possibility and opportunity. I’ll offer you ample time to apply the four-step process outlined in my article – focusing on your values, your vision, your action plan, and the support you need to get there.

As one Biznik responded to my article: “It seems our choice of focus now will determine whether the future upswing is a train that leaves us behind, or a wave that we ride to success.”

Give yourself a gift – take the first steps toward riding the wave to success. Network with others dedicated to their own positive futures, at “Loving the Recession: The Workshop.” Bring something to write with, and write on, and prepare to focus on your own well-being. RSVP via email required -- this event may fill up. Please contact me at [email protected], or simply register by going to http://www.stevemotenko.com/LovingTheRecession-workshop.html

Official Website: http://www.stevemotenko.com/LovingTheRecession-workshop.html

Added by steve motenko on April 13, 2009