93 2nd Ave
New York, New York 10003

Lit Lounge

14 April 2007

93 2nd Ave

The Soundscapes

The Soundscapes are from Brazil and reside in New York City where they currently have been crafting themselves...and you will know that these are magically knitted brothers, that in music and life became mirrors of each other and of every being's original state. Here's when we meet.


Thrushes premise is strikingly simple. Rock music should be beautiful. Elevating grand canyon reverberation to high art and venerating Phil Spector as the patron saint of sonic emotion, Thrushes craft gorgeous noise pop and swirling dream rock lullabies. Armed with stacks of old Crystals records played at the dark edge of town, this is the sound of blood on blood.

28 Degrees Taurus

explosive, intense, dreamy, ultra romantic neo-psychedelia that walks the thin line between darkness and light... we are an ambient/indie/rock band thats come into being to take part in the wonderful sonic explorations of our amazing time period.. and to entertain the hell out of you or your money back! our sound is centered around the asian/middle eastern/ sonic youth influenced reverb drenched guitar and work of Jinsen. joining him in this adventure is karina dacosta who sings and fills out the low end and kyle courcy who provides the pulse. there is a sharp separation between our studio world and our live world. the records are dreamy, intimate and romantic pieces that sit somewhere between a Slowdive record and a Japanese folk-song. the live shows are a loud, ultra high energy, psychedelic, noisey, chaotic freak out session.

The Lie Society

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/lovelessmusic

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