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LOVE, SEX AND GOD----Fundamentals of a spiritual marriage
For many centuries the churches have dealt with the fiery energies that often arise when men and women interact by keeping the genders in separate monasteries, or by pushing for rapid marriage to avoid having to address sexual and emotional intimacy issues. Very little consciousness was brought to developing deeply loving relationships that were not to be romantic or physical. Nor was there virtually any advice given about where sexuality belongs in relationships that are romantic and physical and are seeking to have God at their center. Now, in this new time, we have been given the assignment to bring light, consciousness and God into these issues. We will be addressing how to approach finding a mate and where spirituality and sexuality belong in an established relationship.

Mother Clare Watts, a nationally known author and speaker, will give us insight into this important subject. She brings her personal experiences as a therapist, midwife, priest and Master Teacher to inform and stir us to a higher consciousness.
Thursday, June 8th, 7:30-9:00 pm, Love offering

Dallas Center of Light, 4211 Cedarbrush Dr. Dallas, TX 75229
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