Quai de l'Ourthe 42b (venue - salle) ou Rue Méan, 27 (bureaux)
Liège, Liege 4020

If corporations and politicians make you want to puke, and you'd like to see them getting pied, and pranked, you'll love the Lost Film Fest cinema laboratory. Revolutionaries and "the kids" all agree: Lost Film Fest "is better than bad, it's good!". This dynamic program is hosted by Scott Beibin, co-founder of the Evil Twin Booking Agency, founder of Bloodlink Records, and prolific prankster (perhaps you've seen Jerry Springer episode with Beibin and Justin Pearson from The Locust?). It's three hours of hilarious and smart performance incorporating politically charged films by emerging directors, hoax masters like The Yes Men, as well as riot footage and news that doesn't make the nightly news. Lost Film Fest travels the planet year round doing shows in all kinds of venues and settings.

Take a peek at the website: www.lostfilmfest.org , or on myspace: www.myspace.com/lostfilmfest.

"Lost Film Fest is my favorite film event ever" - Sam Green, dir. The Weather Underground

If you're interested in booking Lost Film Fest tour in your town please visit: www.eviltwinbooking.org

Official Website: http://eviltwinbooking.org

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