2009 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, District of Columbia

Host: Washington Legal Foundation. This live webcast will highlight public policy developments dealing with obesity. Proposals like “fat taxes”, ad limits, &c. violate personal choice, and the WLF will explain how the concept of addiction has been manipulated by certain anti-obesity activists, plus how the “war on obesity” stacks up against other public health crusades. Speakers include Dr. John C. Luik and Professor Patrick Basham.

Official Website: https://email.heritage.org/exchange/Ashley.Emans/Inbox/FW:%20Program%20for%20calendar%20for%20insider%20online.EML/6-13-08obesity.pdf/C58EA28C-18C0-4a97-9AF2-036E93DDAFB3/6-13-08obesity.pdf?attach=1

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