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In December 1975 the Los Angeles Science Fantasy prepared LA 2000, a special convention to celebrate the club's 2,000th meeting. This was more a relaxicon than a convention in the traditional sense (such as featuring guests of honor or holding a formal program). The event was so enjoyable that it was repeated in 1976. At this time it moved to October to honor the club's anniversary and called itself LOSCON for the first time. It was held twice in 1977, the second that year being the first with an official guest of honor, Dr. Jerry Pournelle. By 1978 it had finally settled into an annual November affair, the Los Angeles Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Then starting with LOSCON 9 in 1982, the Thanksgiving weekend was chosen and became subsequently the traditional date. LOSCON 7 in 1980 was the first to top 1,000 members, and attendance has not dropped below a thousand since 1984. LOSCON was held in Pasadena from 1983 through 1989, in Burbank from 1993 through 2003, and in 2004 it returned to Los Angeles itself.

Official Website: http://www.loscon.org/

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