Mission Street Between 3rd And 4th St
San Francisco, California 94111

Date: May 10, 2008

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: Esplanade

Direct from Venezuela! With a repertoire that covers the coastal country’s history from its pre-Hispanic and African roots to today’s popular rhythms and dance forms, Los Vasallos del Sol delivers a high-energy performance with contagious beats that will have you jump to your feet and dance!

The Bay Area’s dynamic Venezuelan Music Project, led by Jackie Rago, combines indigenous-Venezuelan, West African and Spanish-European influences. Please visit the Venezuelan Music Project's website for more information.


Official Website: http://www.ybgf.org/cgi-local/Calendar/calendar.pl?datestring=20080510&selected_datestring=20080510&template=day.html&popup=0&template=event_detail.html&event_id=314

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