859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

$12 General Admission

From Pitchforkmedia.com:

" Los Campesinos! aren't the first act to make a name for themselves on MySpace. They may, however, be one of the first guitar groups in the UK who really sound like products of Web 2.0. The artists they idolize-- Pavement, Broken Social Scene, Yo La Tengo, Deerhoof, Destroyer-- are bands feverishly championed in blogs and online zines (yes, including Pitchfork), not the latest batch of tabloid-friendly lads who only listen to Oasis or the Clash. "It's sad that you think that we're all just scenesters," Gareth Campesino! chimes in on MySpace hit "You! Me! Dancing!", then adds, "Even if we were, it's not the scene you're thinking." He's probably right.
Silly names aside, Los Campesinos! play superbly crafted indie pop that bounces off walls like Love Is All, grins with the childlike exuberance of Bis, and throws the toy chest into its arrangements like Architecture in Helsinki. Glockenspiels and pizzicato violin veer into reckless guitar riffs and full-bodied handclaps-- or fizz over, like Mentos and Coke, into happy-stupid crescendos. Gareth shares lead vocal duties with the similarly pseudonymous Aleksandra Campesino!, and their boy-girl exchanges give the music an extra, sweet frisson. Newfeld's treatment turns "You! Me! Dancing!" from a lo-fi rallying cry into an unstoppable force for converting spindly legs into dancefloor blurs.

Some music should not be enjoyed sitting down in front of a computer. "


Official Website: http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase?agency=TDC&pid=6068523

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Doors are at 7:30, Show starts with The Most Serene Republic (quite awesome) at 8:00.