1001 N Alameda St.
Los Angeles, California 90012

The Los Angeles WordPress Users Group (LAWPUG) is all about bringing together passionate WordPress users. We aim to provide an environment where everyone from beginners to grizzled veterans are welcome to show up and join in the discourse.

Meeting on the second Sunday of every month at Philippe’s in Downtown LA, we’re super informal and encourage folks to show up with their laptops and geek out.

All we require is that you come with a desire to learn and/or share. Keep that in mind and you should have a great time.

Official Website: http://lawpug.org/

Added by boogah on January 12, 2009



Crud. Want to go, but this weekend is turning into over-subscribed mega-activity central. Probability is high that come Sunday morning, I'll be in "awscrewit" stay-home mode. But still am happy to see that there's such a group...and at the! best! venue! evar!


Sweet, totally exited, I just hope I don't get any dip on my computer.. :)

See you then! Oh, I posted a blog about it as well: WP Cult: LA MEETUP!


Looks like fun to me! I'm going to try to be there, weather and family permitting. ;)