1001 N. Alameda
Los Angeles, California 90012

A new LA User Group is meeting, and we are soliciting
volunteers and planners to assist the effort.

A new web tool is sweeping the Internet, Drupal.org, a
Content Management System (CMS), loaded with mature features,
installable modules that interact with each other, that
is with little to no impact, creating a stable web admin
interface that greatly eases the publishing of new
content, or editing old. This Open Souce CMS appears
to be winning the mindset of CMS software users.

That being the case, we are forming the

Los Angeles Drupal User Group

Our next meeting: March 10, 2007 3 PM

Location: Philippes Restaurant - upstairs
1001 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Downtown Los Angeles)
http://frenchdip.notlong.com  (map link)

Cost: Free to members and non members alike

This informal meeting will being with each attendee introducing
themselves, for networking, and have an adhoc technical talk
at the beginning and at the end a general Q&A for any topic,
including what is Drupal, and troubleshooting Drupal issues.

The middle of the meeting will be nuts and bolts, not about
code and tech, but about the infrastructure of our new User
Group, and what pieces we need to put in place, and if any
one can provide volunteer efforts to achieve them.


1 Introduction
2 Adhoc Presentation on Drupal
followed by Q&A (20 minutes)
3 Network - "Why are we here?"
4 Organize
4.1 Attainable Milestones
Web Site
Mailing List
Attendance Goals
Speaker Schedule
SIGs for long term programming challenges
4.2 Location & Agenda of Next Meeting
5 Open Technical Q&A

Phillipe's is located at 1001 N. Alameda Street in downtown Los Angeles. It is one block north of Union Station and Olvera Street.

Ample parking is available in the lot behind and across the street from the restaurant.

Union Station is a major Public Transporation Hub.

Added by schavester on March 4, 2007