1 Fort Mason
San Francisco, California 94123

?Quest,? the group?s first full-length show, is a modern day story of the hero?s journey. Inspired by the work and thinking of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung the piece explores concepts of myth, awareness and the definition of self in a society that is increasingly disconnected from ritual, nature, and one another. Quest will premiere at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco.

Added by vacapinta on June 16, 2005



oh my... vacapinta... thanks so much for adding this to upcoming.org!

i'll definitely be there. (heh.) which night are you coming? please please please come by and say hello at the end of the show if you do end up making it...


Hey claudine! :) I'm probably going to start adding more dance events in general, to balance out the concerts a bit. I'm definitely coming by but don't know which night yet.

Either way, I'll definitely say hello!


just as an fyi -- i hear that we are close to selling out of saturday night tickets.


Thanks claudine. I bought my tickets for Saturday night. See you then!! :)