1928 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, California 94612

We've pulled off another one!

We've moved our shows downtown to the Uptown in Oakland! 1928 Telegraph, at 19th, across from the Fox Theatre. Easy BART (1 block), and parking around the corner. All-night AC Line 800 bus to SF!

For a mere $6 you can see an amazing show in a great venue, and it's even like going home again because Jean, formerly of the Odeon bartends at the Uptown. What more could you want?

Here's what you get THIS coming Thursday night (not in any particular order) -- remember, it's just a mere $6!

(1) WILL FRANKEN -- If you have not seen Will perform, you will be totally blown away. Sez the NEW YORK TIMES: "What elevates Mr. Franken above your garden-variety comedian is an erudite wit and a highly developed sense of the absurd". Go check him out: http://www.willfranken.com

(2) KNEES & ELBOWS -- "Passive-agressive , bluesish, flamencoesque , cough syrup, monster, waltz music" -- or something like that. An odd mix of musicality, offbeat beats, and Janay Growden Rose's beautiful voice twisting and turning through a roller coaster of music. When you see them perform, you'll come away saying, HUH? But you'll come back for more. People do. http://www.myspace.com/kneesandelbows

(3) LOOP!STATION -- Ten years ago this band couldn't even EXIST! Why not? It's a cello and a voice looped with a cello and a voice and a cello and a voice and a cello and a voice, LIVE before your ears. Yes, they build a song from two instruments into a string quartet and choir. Robin Coomer and Sam Bass. One woman, one man, one voice, one cello, multiple layered 'loops' hand tooled and shaped into lovely, cascading, provocative orchestral compositions with an immediate soul-rocking palpability. It's an amazing sound. Loop!Station is HOT. http://www.loopthis.com

Another fabulous show brought to you by David Kaye, Nightworld Figure.

Official Website: http://www.uptownnightclub.com

Added by davidkaye on December 16, 2006

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