6333 West Third Street
Los Angeles, California 90036

Lonely? Single? Looking for love? Come join us for a Valentine's Day event like no other.

Meet and tweet with us on Saturday, February 14th for a heartfelt afternoon of food, friends, fun and a little "Love On The Run". We'll be mixing it up with drinkies, sweet nothings and candy hearts in a "Love" themed web 2.0 meets real life scavenger hunt.

Meet some new peeps, enjoy some old favorites, and re-discover your love affair with this beautiful City of Angels that we are blessed to call home. This event is strictly park-and-play (no driving during the event required), so you're free to imbibe (BYO or crawl the pubs along the way -- provided you 21+ with ID, of course).

We want everybody to shine so costumes are encouraged. But don't say we didn't warn you: you can really get wild and wonderful -- oh dear Heavens, yes. But don't forget to wear your comfortable shoes! We'll be walking and or taking public transportation.

This event will team singles with other singles. If you happen to be part of a couple, we'd love for you two to join us in the fun! Just let us know so that we can group you accordingly. And please: just keep your perpetual smugness at being able to snag a mate to yourself. ;-)

To participate all you need is LOVE -- oh and $10.00 to help us pay for some fabulous prizes for our scavenger hunt, which you will probably win because you are so clever and hawt!

You'll also need a few more things to make the magic happen and so here's a checklist:
- Cellphone -- make sure it's charged!
- Digital camera -- make sure it's got fresh batteries!
- Twitter account to pick up some of the clues to the scavenger hunt.

It's been forever since we've seen you, and remember your New Year's Resolution to spend more time with us this year? Let's not disappoint. We promise you'll have a great time with lots of chocolate kisses and maybe a few real ones. So don't stand us up (again!), PayPal your cash today, and we'll have a big heart-on for you! See you on Valentine's Day!

Follow us on Twitter (@Looking4Love) for updates leading up to and throughout the event.

Official Website: http://twitter.com/looking4love

Added by TanjaB on January 10, 2009