Woodland Road, University of Bristol
Bristol, England BS8 1UB

Computer graphics and interactive techniques allow us to
create a vast amount of visual stimuli. Knowledge of human perception
can affect the creation of these images and virtual environments. Over
the last few years the evaluation of computer graphics stimuli has
become increasingly important. There are many different techniques for
evaluating stimuli some of which involve human participants. This talk
will discuss how eye tracking can support user studies. Apart from
using eye tracking as an interaction device in virtual environments,
it can also be a helpful tool in usability testing and evaluation of
algorithms and techniques. This talk will describe experimental
methodologies based on case studies in computer graphics. We will
discuss what additional data we can collect and analyze using eye
tracking, which could not have been measured explicitly using
questionnaires. We will also talk about how eye tracking has been and
can be used in different application areas related to computer
graphics and interactive techniques. The aim is to share some
experiences and lessons learned when using eye tracking systems in
user studies.

Official Website: http://manchester.siggraph.org/

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