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San Francisco, California 94123

The Mechanicrawl
Saturday, July 12th, 02008

Spend a summer day exploring the mechanical marvels along San Francisco's North Shore! See giant running steam engines, turn of the century automata, mechanical computers, an 8 foot high mechanical planetarium and more...

You'll be able to map your own route for the event and spend as much time at each location as you'd like. We encourage you to walk, bicycle or use public transport for Mechanicrawl; maps, routes and additional info are listed under Map Your Crawl.

The Long Now Museum and Store

An eight foot high mechanical planetarium, a "walking bearing", the Equation of Time Cam, a sphere of solid tungsten, a microetched language archive and more... All of these exhibits are part of the Long Now's project to build a Clock to last for 10,000 years. There will be tours, demonstrations, and a chance to meet the team who are building the Clock.

Official Website:

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A few helpful bits of info....

Anyone who belongs to any of the organizations (Long Now, Exploratorium, etc) can get in free--check with the organization for details (or just join now :)

Tickets are $10-$15, available through Brown Paper Tickets and at The Long Now Foundation Museum and Store.
Students and seniors $11, children for $10 (under 6 are free), and $15 for adults -

The tagging convention for the event is


Please use this tag on blogposts, Upcoming, Flickr, etc.

Note the initial "0", as Long Now advocates 5-digit dates such as
02008 in order to avoid the "Year 10,000 problem",000_problem

Long Now


Just so you all know, we are moving the start time of up to NOON tomorrow (Sat) in response to the amount of press and interest. This gives everyone 8 hours to complete their crawl. (however the bike valet will not be open at Pier 45 until 2pm)

Keep your ticket with you - it is your pass to all locations!

If you don't have tickets yet you will need to start your crawl at either Long Now or Pier 45 to pick up your tickets.

You can download and print a map page with all the info you will need for the day HERE:

If you are a Twitter user you can get updates following user name: longnow for on the fly updates of demos, bottlenecks or lines.

Also if you have an iPhone, you can navigate to to get a customized iPhone app to guide you through the day that is super spiffy...