Plumtree Court, Just off Farringdon Road,
London, England EC4A 4HT

On the 8th March (ie the second Wednesday in March!) PwC have kindly offered to host our March meeting in Central London at which they will supply a room, refreshments (beers, tea, coffee etc), external internet access (possibly only via an internal laptop but WiFi is being assessed) and a LitePro will be available.

Go to Reception and you'll be met and either directed to the room or someone will 'meet and greet'. We'll plan to start gathering around 1815 and we'll try to start having people each do a five minute "show and tell" from 1900.

To try to focus our efforts for this meeting I think it would be valuable to make this an event which is a "let's see what people are doing" kind of event which would give us a view on where the UK is at and who is using which approaches to do what things.

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Added by cubicgarden on March 7, 2006