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Mobile Web Best Practices, Phil Archer (http://philarcher.org/)

A wealth of research shows that more and more people are accessing the Web via mobile. Each new set of results shows differences but the trend is all in the same upwards direction, pushed along by the introduction of devices like the iPhone and by mobile networks offering more and more flat-rate data packages.

How do you create great content for mobile? What do you do differently compared with the desktop world? How do you make sure that no matter what device someone is using, they will be able to access your content and services while on the move? Do you create completely separate mobile and desktop versions?

These are the sorts of questions addressed in the W3C’s own Mobile Web Best Practices course. Phil Archer, who leads the training course at W3C, will argue that a standards-based approach is an important foundation but what’s really required is a different way of thinking that reflects the stark difference between a user sitting in front of a desk and one sitting on a park bench, or a bus, a restaurant table or wherever.

Designing for mobile consumers is the key, rather than designing for mobile technology.

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