283-288 High Holborn
London, England WC1V 7HP

Confessions of an ex-Creationist

Matt Parker grew up in a conservative Christian family and attended a
church where the Bible was taken as the literal word of God, even in
the matters regarding the creation of the Universe. A series of events
at school and university have since turned him into the jaded skeptic
he is today but it has left him with a unique insight into Creationism
culture. Matt will be candidly discussing what Creationists believe,
why some normal people are convinced by them and how he feels about
all of this - specifically in the context of being a Maths and Science

Matt is best described as a Stand-up Mathematician who does everything
in his power to make more people excited about Mathematics. When he’s
not doing his Maths routine around the country, Matt finds time to be
a ‘normal’ teacher in a London secondary school, educating young
people in the way of Maths and Physics. Currently, his favourite
number is 496.

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