116-120 Goswell Road
London, England EC1V 7DP

Our now traditional lightning talks evening. We use the "20 slides that change automatically after 20 seconds each" format. If you want to give one of these, get on our mailing list and let us know: http://lists.lrug.org/listinfo.cgi/chat-lrug.org

Volunteers to talk so far are:

Paul Ardeleanu - Rails / iPhone integration
Ismael Celis - Websockets & EventMachine
Joel Chippindale - Show off (ruby-based HTML presentation software)
Lars Jorgensen - Evolution of data models in Rails.
Alex MacCaw - Bowline (ruby gui framework)
Anup Narkhede - Birdpie.com
Thomas Pomfret - Rack::Cache
Brent Snook - Decorating the domain - Wrapping polymorphic presentation logic around the model.
Murray Steele - Fibers in ruby 1.9

Expect more details and registration info closer to the time.

Official Website: http://lrug.org/meetings/2010/01/21/february-2010-meeting/

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