1 Sekforde Street, EC1R 0BE
London, England

Just like last year (http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/415440/) we're having a set of lightning talks in the faintly ridiculous 20x20 format (20 slides, auto transitioning at 20seconds).

Confirmed speakers are:

* Tom Armitage - "Twit 4 Dead" twitter bots
* Julian Burgess - A cry for help - an anti talk?
* Steve Ganly - "rubysmokes" - A proposal for smoke testing ruby
* Richard Livsey - All the ruby that's fit to merge: Rails 3.0 & Merb 2.0
* Chris Lowis - Ruby and the GNU Scientific Library and/or R
* Matt Patterson - A talk about dpkg-tools
* Thomas Pomfret - Ruby and XMPP
* Roland Swingler - Something about rubygame
* Tom ten Thij - Debugging with ruby-debug.

NOTE - you must register with our hosts Skills Matter to attend and make sure we get a big enough room.

Official Website: http://lrug.org/meetings/2009/01/20/february-2009-meeting

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