1 London Bridge
London, England SE1 9BG

Join us for Net Tuesday London, this month: Social Media Exchange!

* How it works:
- the room has designated topic areas throughout, marked by labels on the wall (including: blogs/micro-blogging; photos/videos; voting/contests/edemocracy; tagging/information sharing; social networks/lists/communities)
- everyone is given a game board of sorts to fill in while filtering throughout the room
- when in a designated topic area, talk with others about 1. a project you/your organization has done in that area 2. success stories or unsuccess stories & lessons learned 4. questions you have for working in that area 5. how to evaluate success

* What you'll get from participating:
- examples of social media in use
- ideas and contacts
- opportunity to share your story, lessons, and ideas
- have fun!

We'll also have a time at the end, as a big happy family, to discuss some of the best stories or lessons learned that came up in the exchange to make sure we all have a chance to hear it and can create a list of brilliant tid bits for the group to refer to.

Looking forward to exchanging with you all! Connect with others and RSVP: http://netsquared.meetup.com/31

Official Website: http://netsquared.meetup.com/31/

Added by amyrsward on November 19, 2008