Brew Wharf Yard, Stoney Street
Southwark, England SE1 9AD

A social event for microformats geeks, held in a microbrewery. All welcome.

If you plan to attend, please 'Attend' this event so we can get an idea of numbers.

Official Website:

Added by drewm on August 20, 2006



This clashes with Emmy the Great (, I am seriously stuck as to which to go to. Argh.


If anyone on the watching list is pretty sure they're going to stop by, can you please switch to attending now so I have a better idea of real numbers so I can call the venue and uh.... warn them. Thanks :)


Definately going to make an effort to come along provided that I'm still in the country! I missed the picnic at dConstruct and am keen to learn a bit more.


If I can make it, and subsequently make it back home afterwards, I'll be there!


Due to the other event being listed wrong (by a month!) I'll be attending this now.


I'd love to come, but I'm going to be in Ireland. I'm really interested in microformats. Please can people make an effort to record/blog as much of this as possible!


Clashes with my Brothers birthday, or I'd be there with knobs on...


Looks like it should be quite a turn out. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Sorry i missed this, illness.