76 Paul Street
London, England EC2A 4NE

For the second week in a row there's going to be a London microformats meetup dinner!

Thanks to Hannah for picking the venue! (near Silicon Roundabout / Old St. tube station)

Official Website: http://microformats.org/wiki/events/2008-09-09-london-meetup-dinner

Added by tantek on September 6, 2008



added a bunch of the usual groups - please do not forget them when adding an event, makes more awareness. ;)



The Princess, 76 Paul Street EC2A 4NE
Map: http://tinyurl.com/5syglq

Great little gastro pub off of Great Eastern St., a favourite Last.fm haunt. Delicious food and usually empty on Tuesdays.

If you're coming from Old St. Station, turn right at the Foundry, walk left of Yard / the statue, at the end of Paul St, on the left. Green sign.


Thanks NicoleSimon, I've added a bunch more relevant groups by looking at related events.


Central woulda been more practical for most. Oh well.


A nice idea; shame about the venue. This is going to stop a lot of us in central/west London attending, I fear.


@fberriman, as it is tradition to rotate the microformat meetups in a city from location to location to spread the convenience factor, I hereby nominate you to pick the location for the next London microformats meetup dinner!

@kapowaz, feel free to suggest additional venues / areas for future London microformats meetups on the wiki:



Re: it not being convenient. Matt and I are coming in from Alton which is an hour or so away EACH way and a pricey ticket.


@kapowaz, I'm attending because it's where it is. Had it been in central London, I wouldn't have been that keen. Had it been in west London, I definitely wouldn't have made it.


Over in Farringdon for the JavaScript meeup: http://javascript.meetup.com/3/calendar/8682605/ but may be able to hit the pub afterwards, depending on weather and tweetage.


@tantek - see my dopplr (assuming you're still suggesting weekly)! :)

In my absense, I am nominating Kapowaz to pick the next venue!


going to football, might pop along to pub after, keep tweating