Regents Park
London, England NW14SA

The London Business School Media Club invites you to participate in our 7th annual Media Summit: The Battle for Attention.

How can you defend the value of the content you create? How does reputation change across platform and format? How do you message to an impatient and savvy user?

These questions confuse and batter our industry. Viewers, subscribers and users are drawn in an expanding array of directions. Models tied to time and place are increasingly irrelevant and user habits and loyalties in one platform prove tenuous in others. Content is created anywhere, uploaded everywhere and retained forever. And how do you even begin to sort through data?
These are the issues we will explore in “The Battle For Attention”. Uniting the power of visionary speakers, explorations of possible futures, and frank debate of the issues driving media business models, we will spend October 30th, 2009 refining our understanding of whom the user is, and how draw their attention.
Jon Snow (Presenter for Channel 4 News) and Zain Verjee (co-anchor of CNN Today and World News) will moderate topical panels for the summit:
Where is Your Audience? Watching TV while surfing the internet and replying to texts all at the same time - media and audiences are interacting in ways we could not have imagined. Where will you play and how will you win your audience's attention?
Who Pays the Bill? As business models get squeezed and the viability of advertising funded media is looking evermore bleak, who will pick up the check? This panel will discuss the pros and cons of free for businesses and consumers.
Does Size Matter? Traditional media was once the only way to reach millions of people. Now digital media is catching up and aggregating audiences in new ways. But is scale necessary or is it better to pursue the long tail of niche audiences?

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